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Name For Teen Girl Character?

Okay so I posted questions about a lot of characters asking what names people thought would suit them. I got a lot of answers which were a lot of help but I'm having a lot of trouble picking the name for the following character. Below is the description and underneath is the list of names I've narrowed it down to from all the names I was given, as well as some other suggestions.

This girl is strikingly beautiful - short %26amp; tiny with an hourglass figure, pale skin, wavy dark brown hair, big blue eyes %26amp; a small mouth. Her style resembles that of a London indie girl, although slightly different. She often wears things that catch people's eyes %26amp; are often quite skimpy, although she's not overly individual. She's half italian, half english, %26amp; lives with her parents and sibling. It sounds like a normal family, but in the past they've gone through a lot of bad rows, and her mum is suffering from something which affects her mentally. She can be clever if she tries, but somehow she just can't seem to care about education, so every lesson is a doss to her, she never does homework %26amp; always misses coursework deadlines. She hangs around with mostly guys, most of whom have fallen hard for her before, she's used to being looked at %26amp; is always getting chatted up. Everybody thinks she's mysterious, because she doesn't talk all that much and there's something about her which makes people want to figure her out. She's cripplingly shy, which is one of the reasons she's so quiet, although a lot of the time she simply doesn't want to waste her time with meaningless words. She's the kind of girl who is a mixture of sweet and mischievous. She loves reading, but she also loves partying and getting completely off her face, she loves unpredictability and ending up in random places. She always falls for bad boys who play girls around. She's hard to read, as she never lets her emotions show and keeps everything inside. She's scared of letting her guard down and showing her cards. It's like she always needs to be in control, so she doesn't trust anyone and is scared of getting close to anyone, scared to love. If something bad happens to her, she blocks the pain out because she just doesn't want to feel it anymore. She often feels like she wants to escape, to be somewhere else - she's quite lost and not always sure of what she wants. She loves big crowds of strangers, because it comforts her somehow, and she also loves being alone. Although she may seem lost and confused, she also has a lot of self-confidence, and she does what she wants (if she knows what she wants, that is) regardless of others, she's not gonna pretend to be interested in what someone's saying if she's not - she knows it's polite, but she just doesn't see the point. She is also a very sweet girl deep down, even though she tries to not to care about anything.

Which name do you think suits her most out of:











And what do you think about Keira or Talulah? How much do they suit her?

Thanks, xName For Teen Girl Character?
Out of the list I like Carmen the best. I actually know a girl pretty similar in appearance and she's got Italian ancesters, too who's called Carmen. I like Gianna, too, although it seems to be a bit too soft for such a strong personality. Tia would be my third favourite... it's got mystery but is also sweet. Ariana, Tina, Lexy and Talulah are a bit too girly in my opinion. I just don't like the names Alexia and Blake but that's just my taste. Keira is not bad, but I prefer it spelled Ciara. It has more of the Italian touch this way and it seems more mysterious. Other suggestions:







Tessa (could be short for Teresa)


Carolina (maybe Cara for short)




Romana (this is the name of my brother's ex girlfriend who's half Italian, could be Romy for short)

hope this helps!Name For Teen Girl Character?
I think that out of the names you personally suggested, that ';Gianna'; would be the best for your character. Or, for a different approach, you could use another gender-ambiguous name, like Avery or Julian.

Hopefully this helps!
Out of those names I think Carmen, Ava and Alexia suit her best, especially Carmen.

I would suggest:


Dana (Day-nuh or Dah-nuh)





Katya (Kar-tee-a)
Ariana :)
i like lexy, ava and gianna
Mary Sue.
Ariana or Blake...

keira sounds pretty cool too
I think Lexy is a really cute name(:
Maybe Blake?

What about Dinah or Dana?

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