Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do leo men like girls to chase them?

So I am going to visit my guy friend who is a leo and we already kissed each other in the summer. I kinda like him and I told him I wanted to see him and he told me to come and visit him at his college and that I could spend the night since I live 2 hrs away. But I dunno If spending the night is a good idea, we are close but I just don't want to mess things up with him. Should I kiss him if he wants to kiss me or do leo men like it when the girl plays hard to get? should I even spend the night? how can I get him to chase me?Do leo men like girls to chase them?
Generally, Leo's crave attention and flattery. They're upbeat, entertaining, fun-loving and ';in the moment'; kind of people. It is never wise to manipulate them, smother them or corner them with your own doubts and insecurities. If you have doubts about what to do ... in my opinion you also have your answer.Do leo men like girls to chase them?
All men like women chasing them.
Leo men like the thrill of the hunt. Do not spend the night with him. Make the drive up, spend some time with him, and then make the drive back. Normally I would tell you not to drive to him at all...he should do the leg work if he wants to see you badly enough. Kiss and cuddle, but don't take it any further than that. Leave him wanting more.
You already won him......You thrive on physical passion and so does he! You are an explosion of fire when you come together! Kiss him and follow your heart's desire!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leo is Sag's soulmate.....

You couldn't get a better answer as Marina's I really hope you take her advice and you'll notice it's the best thing to do.
No they rather do the chasing themselves. Leo needs to be the boss.
Leo men do like to be chased. Yes, you can get him to chase you: make him fall for you after chasing him a little, then keep talking but make him work for it.
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